Why do your people decide to stay or leave?


In this day and age of virtually full employment it can be difficult to recruit and retain your best talent.  Recruitment alone is a costly process.

So what makes someone come to your organisation in the first place and what makes them stay?  There is a general assumption that if we pay people enough they will want to stay but is this right and how will you know?

Using Harrison Assessments we can measure 8 factors which contribute to retention and engagement.  We do this objectively not subjectively using an on-line SmartQuestionnaire™

.  These factors include –

  • Development Expectations
  • Remuneration Expectations
  • Authority Expectations
  • Social Expectations
  • Appreciation Expectations
  • Communication expectations
  • Personal Expectations
  • Work Life Balance Expectations

The resulting report is the result of 30 years of research by Dr Dan Harrison into what makes people successful at work.

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