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The Missing Key!

Have you got the right sales people in place and is your reward scheme set up properly? This business mustn’t have got the memo!

Harrison Assessments – Perfect Partner for NLP!

I’m delighted to have been asked to speak at the 2018 NLP International Conference on 18-20th May in London… In an interactive, upbeat workshop on the Saturday afternoon I will explain why Harrison Assessments is Perfect Partner for NLP!

Would you like to be able to clone your best performers?

Sounds reasonable! Belinda’s doing a great job, let’s see if we can find more Belindas (or Bobs!). But how? What is it about Belinda or Bob that really makes them successful not only at their roles but also in this particular organisational environment?

I’m not here to be average I’m here to be Awesome!

If you were about to recruit someone into your organisation who was going to play a pivotal role in your company’s success (that’s everyone by the way!) would you want someone who was average or someone who was excellent?