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Are Companies Utilizing Engagement Analytics for Success?

To significantly increase employee engagement you need to understand the passions, motivations, and expectations of the individual, and use an approach based around engagement being a shared responsibility between the employee and the organisation.

What on Earth does Harrison Assessment have to do with Personal Values?

Let me explain – The following model is affectionately referred to as the Alignment model in Leadership Development Circles.  From top to bottom it suggests that at the highest level we have a purpose in everything we do from our existence to our reasons for attending a meeting or having a conversation with a loved […]

TRUST – the reality of this Company/Personal ‘Value’

Companies often pride themselves in including ‘Trust’ or ‘Trustworthiness’ in their company values but what does it actually mean?  The question to ask is ‘if I was to walk round your organization and see everyone behaving in a trustworthy manner, what would that look like?’ 

Harrison Assessments – The Perfect Partner for NLP!

The aspect of NLP I love most is its ethos of treating everyone as an individual – no boxes, no labels no norms!   Such freedom to develop excellence!
Here are 5 ways Harrison differs from other assessments and why it fits so well with NLP

What do you do with your time?

I often get asked to run time management courses.  Managing time should be easy – write a list of things to do and get on and do them.  So what gets in the way?

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