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What Makes HR Look Good in the Board Room – if indeed they even get there!

Most organisations will tell you that their people are the most important resource they have and that looking after them and developing them is paramount.  So why is it that the person who is Head of HR is often not represented on the Board and if they are, they often have to shout loudly to be heard?

Anonymous Engagement Surveys – why they don’t work!

‘Someone somewhere in the organization is unhappy about something but we don’t know the details and can’t therefore have a progressive conversation’. Why do organisations involve themselves in the anonymity of such surveys?

training principles

12 principles of effective training

12 principles of effective training: Things to consider when designing and delivering effective training, courtesy of Realisation at Stenhouse.

Employee engagement is a personal matter for each individual.

To significantly increase employee engagement you need to understand the passions, motivations, and expectations of the individual, and use an approach based around engagement being a shared responsibility between the employee and the organisation.

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