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Talent Development

Identifying Career Development Expectations – before the competition does

One of the major reasons for losing talented staff is that they are not being given the developmental opportunities they often think they deserve – or expect – and look elsewhere. So understanding and exploring employees career development expectations is another key factor for engaging and retaining top talent.

Research Report: Leading Technical People

A report by Blessing White outlines research they undertook to examine the dynamics specific to leading technical people – a competency that proves to be increasingly important for almost every organisation in every industry, even those we might think of as less expert-dependent.

Is there a difference between ‘well done’ and ‘thank you’?

Understanding employees’s expectations towards authority helps to analyze the relationship between the desire for autonomy and the level of initiative, the relationship between the desire to lead and the willingness to make decisions, and how an individual responds to structure.

Communication Expectations – are your people engaged?

If the cost of poor communication is: mistakes, wasted time, wasted money, bad recruitment, missed sales, dysfunctional teams, poor morale and slow innovation – what is the value of good communication?
And… what does ‘good communication’ mean to individual employees?

What’s keeping your talent in your organisation?

Many tools will measure current employee engagement levels according to factors set by your organisational expectations, but how do you determine which factors are personally important to your employees, and therefore will keep them in your organisation?

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