About Quadrant 1

Since 1998 Quadrant 1 has helped organisations develop human potential in the business arena through coaching and NLP training. During this time we have acquired a deep insight into human values, behaviour, attitude and aspiration to help drive our passion for assisting companies in attaining high levels of performance, motivation and job satisfaction whilst having a positive influence on organisation design and leadership capability.

A focus on innovation in our field led us in 2006 to become a distributor for Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS). This strategic move has allowed us to leverage our expertise for our clients on a much larger scale. Today, we are the largest HATS distributor in the UK with a growing number of international clients.

HATS enables us to apply our expertise to identify strengths and potential in career development, leadership and succession planning. With increased focus on talent management, we have turned our skills towards helping organisations acquire, develop and retain talent to assist them in becoming an employer of choice in their industry.

Quadrant 1’s Approach

Quadrant 1 use a combination of HATS, NLP and coaching, including Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centred Coaching (a practical, work-focussed and measurable coaching process for developing leaders) to take us way beyond conventional training and development methodologies.

Our approach enables individuals to –

  • pinpoint with absolute precision immediate development areas
  • unleash potential
  • work practically towards creating new behaviour

For any organisation concerned about the acquisition, development and retention of talent we have unique solutions proven and ready to deliver.