The Harrison SmartQuestionnaire™

SmartQuestionnaire is the foundation for all the reports and data generated by HATS. It is based on over 30 years of research by Dr Dan Harrison into what makes people successful at work and is the equivalent of a whole day’s manual testing using 2701 multiple choice questions. The questionnaire is arranged in groups of preferences, takes around 30 minutes to complete and has a consistency monitor to ensure accuracy. Inconsistent responses will be alerted and you will be asked to complete the SmartQuestionnaire again.

Behind the scenes, Harrison Assessments SmartQuestionnaire is making over 8,000 cross references to ensure consistency and is measuring 175 traits, nearly 3 times as many as other assessments. When it uses the data to run reports it is making over 150,000 cross matches.

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This clearly sets the HATS system apart. It doesn’t assume definitive behaviours on a linear or bipolar scale. It takes into account that as human beings we are a complex combination of paradoxical traits. For example we can be both diplomatic and frank resulting in behaviour akin to forthright diplomacy. If we are deficient in both diplomacy and frankness then we would have a balanced deficiency in these traits and more likely to be evasive in our communication. A bipolar measurement is unlikely to distinguish between these two whereby ParadoxTechnology™ clearly identifies the difference.

Performance-Enjoyment Factors

Dr Dan Harrison’s research recognises that people who enjoy at least 75% of their work are 3 times more likely to be successful and therefore remain longer in the role than those that don’t. The SmartQuestionnaire is therefore based on working preferences and takes into account motivations, attitudes, interests, work preferences, work values, interpersonal skills, engagement and retention factors and the fit with the supervisor.

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