Organisational Analytics

Use objective data to inspire a culture of engagement, identify talent and develop leadership competence for high performance. 

Businesses use data to drive operational and financial performance and decisions as common practice – how many of us do the same for our people plans? Using advanced organisational analytics for PEOPLE means you can measure, identify, develop, and improve across individuals, groups, teams, business areas and behaviours using global and individual data to support people plans and drive action.

This is an example of organisational data you can gather for your PEOPLE.

  • Select groups to analyse by department, team, or manager using customisable tags and easily generate reports
  • Organisational data shows how a defined group/team measure against various competencies including leadership, emotional intelligence, remote working, and collaboration
  • Group data immediately highlights any team development needed

Individual data allows you to create development plans to help your people succeed in their role.

How objective data can support your people plans and business objectives:

  • Assess your organisational culture and discover risk areas
  • Explore the impact of individual and group behaviours on team dynamics
  • Understand engagement and fulfilment levels across your business
  • See how individual’s values align with your businesses objectives and goals
  • Easily pinpoint strengths and identify your High Potentials
  • Drill down to each employees’ key factors
  • Retain your top talent by understanding what is important to individuals and groups
  • Measure senior and emerging leadership competency
  • Gain insight into the specific set of behaviours that impact each competency
  • Implement actionable development plans that provide guidance and generate enthusiasm

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