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Strategic Approach to Talent Acquisition

When recruiters were asked why they would consider using AI in their recruitment process, the poll went like this –

To speed up the process – 42%

To eliminate human bias – 28%

To make more informed decisions – 19%

To lower the costs – 6%

“Sophie Lennon, HR manager at Leeds-based Northern Monk Brewery, has first-hand experience of just how challenging the recruitment process has been during the pandemic. She advertised one vacancy as a packaging operative working in the canning line team and was shocked when she had over 1,000 people apply for the role.” – Sophie Lennon, HR Magazine, Oct 2020

If this is you, we can help you!

Job matching is moving away from the traditional psychometric approach. Dan Harrison is a psychologist and well versed in the personality type approach but doesn’t believe personality is a good indicator of job success. His lengthy and in-depth research concentrated on what makes people successful in the work place. He identified 175 different factors which contribute to this success and benchmarked them against excellence (not norms) in 6,500 different jobs across a wide sector of industries and functions. Imagine a system that follows this 5 step plan, taking out the grunt work of sorting through CVs –

  1. Quadrant 1 International produces a job profile of the eligibility and suitability factors of the ideal candidate based on your job description.
  2. Invites all candidates over the course of a month to complete an on-line, objective, predictive questionnaire.
  3. At the end of the period sorts the applicants in order of eligibility and suitability.
  4. Sends a thank you letter to all applicants whether successful or not, along with a ‘your greatest strengths report’ for their future use – great for your company PR!
  5.  Leaves you with a prioritised list of highly eligible and suitable candidates to take onto the next stage.


Which would in turn –

  • Speed up the process
  • Eliminate human bias
  • Allow you to make more informed decisions
  • Lower the costs

You would also have the analytics to assess the success of your campaign going forward and access to in depth reports to guide interviewsdevelopment and even succession planning.

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