Maximise Your Sales with NLP

Talent Development

The world of sales is changing.  Far from having an adverse effect on business relationships, technology and the advent of social networking is having a positive and vibrant impact, particularly in the world of sales.  Business relationships are carried out in the public eye all over the globe via the internet.    Strong business relationships focused on win/win outcomes are key to success.  Having flexibility of behaviour in relationship building, product and service offering and communication is already marking out excellence in the field.

All sales professionals will benefit from the use of NLP skills – increasing flexibility of presentation style, reading customers and prospects, adapting to different buying patterns, matching customer values, asking accurate questions to gain clarity and flexing communication in any medium.

NLP Sales training supports all sales methodologies and can be designed to suit your specific company needs.  The training is practical and contextualised using real examples drawn from the participants own experience.  NLP can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

For organisations with sales teams of 30 or more we can also help you to benchmark excellence using the unique Harrison Talent Management System and offer you a profile against which to recruit going forward.

The numbers of delegates attending is restricted to a maximum of 12, this ensures that the course can be tailored to the individual needs of every person attending. If you would like to discuss a course designed around the needs of your organisation please call 07768 922244 or use the form below.