Harrison Assessments for Leaders and Managers – NEW FOR 2023!

People are still your best asset!

One Day in-person workshop for 4-12 people at a venue of your choice.

It doesn’t matter how advanced technology becomes it is invariably only as good as the human decision makers behind it.  Make a poor decision and technology will give you a poor result!  History is littered with such examples – poor decisions cause stock markets to react, people and organisations to lose money, nuclear reactors to fail and any number of ‘accidents’ you care to mention.

So who are your decision makers?  Do they have the attributes to analyse a situation, to assess the pitfalls, recruit, coach and lead strong teams, to be creative, step outside comfort zones and take responsibility for their own decisions.  If your answer is ‘yes’ – how do you know?  Is it guess work, gut feeling, experience or something else?

Taking the guess work out of selecting and developing your decision makers at whatever level will reduce the risk of ‘accidents’, increase your productivity, reduce costs and encourage an engaged and proactive work force resulting in a vibrant culture of co-operative teams and individuals.

Harrison Assessments can help you achieve this.  Moving away from traditional personality assessments Harrison Talent Solutions use behavioural preference to align people to roles, develop talent and create vibrant cultures.  Find out more about Harrison Assessments here.

Who is it for?

Anyone either currently in a management/leadership role or aspiring to one. The programme is intended to familiarise managers and leaders with the use of the Harrison Assessments so that they feel comfortable with the reports and know what they can offer in the building and development of their teams.

What does it include?

Pre-Course – individual Harrison Assessment for each participant including suite of reports and online feedback.

The programme

  • In depth background to Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions including Paradox Theory, Enjoyment Theory and the value and uniqueness of the SmartQuestionnaire™ and why it differs from other solutions
  • Using Talent Solutions to identify and develop strengths in relation to specific outcomes
  • Using Harrison to recruit to a high level of job fit thus reducing the costs of and negativity associated with a bad fit
  • Using Harrison to assess Employee Engagement Expectations both individually and in teams
  • Using Harrison to develop teams using the paradox graph and the Analytics functionality – very few managers and leaders have access to such data upon which to make strategic people decision.

In other words, Harrison Talent Solutions represents a ‘one stop talent shop’!


4 delegates – £2,810 (£702.50 per delegate)

6 delegates – £3,390 (£565.00 per delegate)

10 delegates – £4,550 (£455.00 per delegate)

12 delegates – £5,130 (£427.50 per delegate)

All prices exclude venue hire (if applicable), travel and accommodation for one trainer and VAT.  Prices include Harrison Assessment reports and online feedbacks per delegate – these specific costs would not apply should the delegate have already completed a recent Harrison Assessment and feedback. For other participant numbers please ask for a quote. Terms and Conditions apply



If you would like to find out more about the Harrison Assessments for Leaders and Managers programme please call us on 07768 922244, email pat@quadrant1.com or leave us your details and we will contact you.