Talent Development Reports

Talent Development

How do you know which aspect of a person’s talent to focus on with development? This often comes through performance appraisal output, or a skill gap identified by the line manager. It could be the individual recognises their own skills gap and requests development input. The result of identifying needs in this way is frequently attendance on a course or coaching.

Using Harrison Assessments talent development reports it is possible to identify precisely the traits that will lead to improved performance once developed. These reports give accurate scores on up to 175 different traits consisting of essential traits for the job, desired traits that support good performance and traits to avoid that may act as derailers and impede performance. All reports show the consistency in completing the SmartQuestionnaire™ as a percentage.

A major benefit of Harrison reports is that they are written and formulated in a way that is easy to interpret and are designed to be used by managers at all levels in the organisation. Training is available if required.

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