Stakeholder Centred Coaching for Leaders


Why Stakeholder Centred Coaching is the best way forward for Leaders

Stakeholder Centred Coaching (SCC) is the brainchild of Marshall Goldsmith revered as the worlds No. 1 coach by Harvard Business Review. Combined with Harrison Assessments and Business NLP, Stakeholder Centred Coaching offers a powerful, results focused leadership coaching programme for developing highly effective leaders.

Included within this paper –

  • Stakeholder Centred Coaching – the Proof
  • Who is it for?
  • The Principles
  • Some Often Unrecognised Leader Habits that can Hinder Effective Leadership
  • Preparing to start
  • Harrison Assessments
  • Let the Coaching Begin – The 7 Step Process
  • Measurement

Why you should read this Stakeholder Centred Coaching White Paper

95% of leaders who participated in a year long SCC programme, were shown to have made significant and sustainable improvement to their leadership effectiveness.

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