Best Practices in Recruitment Assessment


Assessing people for jobs is the most important task of any organisation. The quality of assessment ultimately determines the performance of new hires as well as the ability of the organisation to effectively develop employees. It affects every important aspect of the organisation’s success including management effectiveness, sales volume, customer retention and productivity. Assessment is not merely one of the functions of the Human Resource Department, it is the essential foundation for effective talent acquisition and talent management.

This Recruitment Assessment White Paper provides an insight into how assessment tools can support and guide the whole recruitment process including –

  • Formulating the Success Factors for a Specific Job
  • Assessing Levels of Eligibility
  • Assessing Levels of Suitability
  • Using Interviews to Assess Job Behaviour
  • Job Behaviour Assessments As Compared To Personality Assessments
  • What Are the Key Factors of an Effective Job Behaviour Assessment?
  • Measuring a Sufficient Number of Traits
  • Work Focused Questionnaire
  • Overcoming self-deception and/or intended deception
  • Job Specific, Numerically Quantified, and Easy to Understand Reports
  • Performance Research
  • Integrating Eligibility and Job Behaviour Assessment Scores
  • Summarising the Value and Challenges of Assessment

Why you should read this Recruitment Assessment White Paper

High quality assessment during the recruitment process enables you to have the greatest impact on performance and productivity in your organisation. This results in less time and money spent on training and developing employees, enabling management to focus on important strategic issues.

Good assessment reduces training costs, minimises losses due to poor decisions, increases employee retention and provides a foundation for better teamwork.

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