Paradox Coaching

Paradox Coaching

The world of coaching is made up of many variations in style and method. This executive coaching methodology, Paradox Coaching,  supports coaches who like to use a diagnostic tool for structure and feedback as well as providing a more flexible approach. Paradox Coaching bases personal development on the balancing of opposite traits and uses Paradox Graphs to provide an objective perspective.

This White Paper explores how using a coaching tool to assess past behaviour can stimulate ideas and discussions and guide personal change.

Key areas include –

  • Using paradox graphs to identify where traits act as limitations so actions can be identified to develop the opposite trait
  • Why it is important to balance traits
  • An insight into the 12 paradoxes
  • The danger of stereotyping through labels
  • Applying in different contexts

Why you should read this Paradox Coaching White Paper

If you are involved in helping individuals and teams to discover and grow their own inner resources through executive coaching, talent management and leadership development, this paper will offer you an insight into how assessments can be used to drive this change.

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