The Application of NLP in Business

NLP in business

Aspire, Create, Engage and Succeed with NLP at Work!

NLP has come into its own as a leading training methodology for business success. Business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and managers are choosing NLP to achieve their goals above conventional training approaches.

This White Paper provides an insight into the tools and techniques and their application within business, including communication, persuading and influencing, sales, presentations, decision making, managing people and time management.

Why you should read this NLP in Business White Paper

Improved results in business require a change of thinking, feeling and action, generating new behaviours that take us beyond current boundaries……We need to be in control of the three key relationships – with others, with work, and with ourselves….Much of what we do and think on a daily basis is habitual and unconscious. Researchers tell us that we have anywhere between 6,000 and 30,000 thoughts per day….

Meta Programmes – these describe a person’s way of thinking based on what is important to them and give a valuable insight to motivation….Here’s one example of a Meta Programme. Some people like to have a choice about how they approach and complete tasks whilst others prefer to work from a set procedure and may become confused if offered too much choice….

Precision Questioning – NLP offers probably the most powerful questioning technique for gaining clarity and challenging limitations….

The Alignment Model – Even people who have never trained in NLP adore this model due to its universal application and its simple effectiveness….

NLP and Business Issues

Time Management – Traditionally time management is taught at an intellectual level. There are many courses which teach you how to make lists…..Time management is an emotional issue not an intellectual one….

Delivering Affective Presentations – NLP presentation skills go far beyond putting together a PowerPoint presentation, feeling confident and voice projection….

Managing People – Developing a coaching style of management where results are achieved through developing individuals and teams is a key application for NLP….

The intention of this paper is simply to make the link between what you have heard or learnt about NLP and its many and varied applications in the business world.

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