Making Sense of the Assessment Nonsense

A Practical Checklist for Making Smart Assessment Decisions

The investment spent on recruiting, developing and retaining employees represents a significant portion of an organisation’s budget. Multiple studies have shown the cost of a bad hire to be as much as three to four times the individual’s annual salary.

With this in mind, it is no wonder there has been a strong trend in the increased use of assessments to acquire, develop, and promote the best talent. However, with this trend has come significant confusion about how to choose assessments and how to best use them to obtain a competitive advantage.

The purpose of this paper is to provide clarity and a practical checklist of considerations.

When evaluating assessments, there are six key questions that must be considered –

  • Is the assessment work focused and presented in a manner that builds the confidence of applicants and employees?
  • Does the assessment produce results that relate to job performance for the specific jobs?
  • Does the assessment produce an overall score enabling recruiters and line managers to make consistent and accurate employment decisions?
  • Does the assessment process measure all the important factors related to success for the job?
  • Is the assessment legal and ethical?
  • Is the assessment valid and predictive?

This white paper takes a closer look at each question in more depth.

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