Podcast: How to help Leaders get REAL Insights


Podcast with Gerry Murray (CEO, Tedx Speaker, Podcast Host at Leading People) and Author, Leadership Coach, NLP Trainer and fellow Harrison Assessments Managing Partner and Quadrant 1 International Director, Pat Hutchinson

Gerry talks to Pat about personal development and leadership and what it’s like to learn and apply practical things after you go on a training course. Pat calls these types of courses REAL courses, in the sense that you learn skills that have real practical application and value in our day to day lives.

One of the key things that Pat points out is that we’re all unique and therefore we have our own individual perspectives on the world, our own development needs and our own sense of who we are. She emphasises how she has used the combination of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the Harrison Assessment to help leaders better understand themselves and their teams.

Pat has great advice on how leaders can learn from the people that they’re working with, how it’s ok to be wrong occasionally and how they can have more meaningful conversations.

They explore

  • Key skills that leaders need to acquire
  • How a “sheep dipping” approach to Leadership Development is not useful
  • Why we sometimes stop doing things that we’re actually good at
  • The need for simplicity in business
  • Pat’s top 3 tips for Leaders

Listen to the podcast here, and you can find Gerry’s Leading People series here