Making the most of Restructuring and Developing a New Culture


Organisational RestructureOrganisational restructures come about for any number of reasons – acquisitions, mergers, change in market direction, upsizing, downsizing, changes in the law, general market forces, new products, consolidation, a drive for greater efficiencies. Whatever it is there are numerous organisations worldwide going through some form of restructure.

Whether the organisational restructure is on a grand global scale or a small local one, the challenge to get the right people in the right place at the right time can be complex and at times emotional as people are wrenched from their roles and relocated sometimes to other parts of the world. Timescales are often such that decisions have to be made quickly and the cost of getting it wrong can be enormous both financially and emotionally.

So how would you feel if we could help you increase your chances of getting the right people in the right place by between 30—45% at a comparatively low cost?

The Harrison Talent Management System will help you do just this. Furthermore it will generate reports on how to interview specific people for roles and how to manage them once in role. You can even begin to develop a new culture by measuring all existing employees against the cultural requirements. If this is something that interests you call us on +44 (0)7768 922244 – put aside one hour and we will explain to you via webinar exactly how this can work for you and your organisation.