How often do you tell yourself ‘well done!’?


All too often at the end of a working day/shift arrives we close the laptop or do whatever else signifies the end of the day and embark immediately on something new.

But have we really left the day behind or are we still mulling over the unsolved issues/problems? Are we taking them to share with friends or family or maybe just to stew on until the next working period begins? Do they keep us awake, create stress and generally affect our mood? Do we ‘take it out’ on the family and then do they take it to school or work the next day?

This process often happens at an unconscious level creating stress and anxiety for those around us without us even realising it.

A simple habit changer

When you finish a period of work instead of mentally carrying all the issues with you – they will still be there the next day when you can approach them with a fresh and clear mind – take a couple of minutes to list all the things you have achieved during the working period just come to an end.

Mentally link this with the action that signifies the end of the working period e.g., closing the laptop or maybe picking up car keys.

Get into the habit for congratulating yourself for things achieved and free yourself to start the next activity with a clear mind.

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