Wael El Helou

Wael El HelouEquipped with over 16 years of local and multinational cross-functional roles Wael left his position of Regional Deputy MD at Fidelity Insurance and co-founded “trace – training and coaching executives in 2008. His diverse career started from workmanship at the bottom of the corporate ladder in Europe and included roles in finance, brand management, HR, business development, and operations. In the background, he gathered over 10 years in leadership positions, in the industries of hospitality, banking, FMCG, insurance, retail and not for profit organizations, and those across an array of organizational environments from Unilever’s corporate life to traditional family businesses.

He is an international people developer specialized in public speaker coaching, leadership and management capacity building and development, NLP training and coaching, executive coaching, motivation, and team building. He has coached and trained on 4 of the 5 continents and has worked with diverse individuals, teams and organizations to facilitate the achievement of sustainable results in execution, change management, leadership development, people management, motivation, team building, team dynamics, team communication optimization and conflict resolution. He has helped directors, team leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians in matters of public speaking, strategy, communication, negotiation, crisis management, and personal development.

His audience describes him as engaging, approachable, knowledgeable and professional. His style combines passion with excellent delivery skills that mix with a very rich cross-functional and cross-cultural background to create a memorable experience that is both mind-stretching and drive-building at the same time.

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