Sim Goldblum

Sim Goldblum

Business growth through people development

I enable motivated but frustrated SME business owners with underperforming team members to increase future revenue within 120 days, without increasing stress, building bureaucracy or harming trust

Specialisms: business growth and transformation; people development, culture and behaviour change

Industry: Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Retail SMEs

Roles: Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Board/Trusted Advisor

Sim has a profound understanding of how large and small businesses function effectively. He acquired, exercised and nurtured his business growth knowledge as a result of many years at Ford of Europe, including roles as Director of European Business Development and ultimately as Director of Product Planning and Project Management. In the latter role he led a team of over 200 globally located experts and was responsible for planning and leading the implementation of all Ford of Europe new product introductions.

Sim has established several coaching and consulting businesses in the last 20 years and has consulted in the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and service sectors, with companies ranging from small SMEs to substantial multi-nationals.  He created and delivered with his dentist partners a 1-2 year practice management programme, accredited by the University of Chester and adopted successfully by several hundred dental practices around the UK.

He is passionate about helping business owners recruit, develop and retain the right people for each role, and is adept at addressing under-performing teams and dysfunctional boards. Accredited by renowned people- and business-focussed training providers, Sim works with Owners, Boards and Senior Leadership Teams to support their Talent Management activities, providing insight, action plans and training at all levels.

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