Rhiannon Stafford


Rhiannon is a Organisational Development Consultant and a leadership coach who believes that employees deliver a customer experience that reflects their own experience of the organisation.  Rhiannon works with organisations to develop managers and cultures to shape great employee experiences equipped to deliver great customer experiences.

A huge people person, who spent the last 20 years of her career working in HR and Leadership Development for large corporate companies. She had some amazing experiences where she was trusted, empowered, delivered a fantastic job and felt awesome! She’s also experienced the opposite. Been micro-managed, told she wasn’t good enough and didn’t “fit in”; and generally delivered some pretty poor pieces of work.

Over time she became disillusioned by the traditional way many companies were approaching leadership development.  She felt that amongst efficiency, productivity and career advancement, our very humanity was getting lost.

Rhiannon incorporates as much “brain friendly blended learning” into her work.  An experienced online facilitator her clients love her easy to access, ready when needed development programmes.  She also coaches Leaders and Teams, helping them break out of behavioural patterns and experiment with new ways of working.

Rhiannon believes people should be an equal party in their own learning needs and be able to access learning when it’s needed.  Learning should be something that everyone does because the job we do today may not exist in the future.

She is a chartered member of the CIPD, a member of the ICF and the IOD.  Rhiannon also volunteers as an Enterprise Advisor, working with secondary schools to advance their careers curriculum and support the next generation to be employment ready.

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