Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics









According to Deloitte –

‘Talent analytics presents a ground breaking opportunity for HR organizations’

Their research shows that

companies that implement true business-oriented talent analytics can double their engagement, improve revenue, and dramatically increase almost every business measure by making better people decisions.

And yet still only 4% of organisations have any form of talent analytics in place largely because they don’t know where to start.

If this is your organisation then look no further.  The complete Harrison Assessment Talent Solution uses highly accurate technology to simply and cost effectively measure the success of your talent programme in a variety of ways.  For example –

  • Our suite of benchmarked Leadership Behavioural Competencies will give you the analytics to show – the before and after picture of an intervention, year on year progress, who is ready for leadership training, which cultural trends are being perpetuated even though they have been proven to be unproductive and conversely those that need building on.
  • Our Retention and Engagement reports measure 8 employee engagement expectations. Engagement is a two-way process and if we are to keep competent and creative staff, we need to know what drives them.  The data can be used either individually or for a group/the whole organisation.
  • Our suite of 175 factors that contribute to job success can be dissected in any way, shape or form to provide pictures of trends – data upon which to make informed decisions about talent interventions.

HR professionals can now have the confidence to present a case for talent interventions based on real data.

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