Culture Change

Progressive, dynamic cultures require engaged, dynamic people.

Your culture says a lot about your organisation and is the sum result of what employees do and how they go about doing it.

It is set by the role models at the very top of the organisation and permeates down and through the very fabric, touching everyone. It’s like the school game ‘Simon Says’ where Simon is the leader and the job of employees is to follow suit.

A culture can make or break an organisation. It can also prevent talented people from joining you. Is it time to change?

Can you answer the 50 million dollar question:

“If I was to walk round your organisation and people were performing in line with your ideal culture what would I see them doing, what would I hear and would I sense the atmosphere?”

Using Harrison Assessments you can measure your cultural expectations, raise awareness and implement the required culture change.

Company Values

Defining, measuring and developing company culture through values

Does your organisation have values? Do they mean anything to individuals? Do employees live by the values, defend them and use them to make decisions? Do you recruit against your values?

Values are very powerful in attracting and retaining talented people, but they must be authentically represented in the every-day actions of employees, from the top down. Historically measuring values has been difficult mainly because they are written in language that is open to interpretation.

Harrison Assessment allows you to identify the expected behaviours behind each value and measure accordingly. These can then be included in job profiling, development plans and even appraisals.


Cultivating Collaboration: Don’t Be So Defensive! | Jim Tamm | TEDxSantaCruz