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Accurately predict your own job success!

Get ahead of the competition when it comes to getting your perfect job, or securing that promotion.

Quadrant 1 are offering a full Harrison Assessment which will give you an accurate report on your behavioural preferences at work.

The assessment will show how you behave under stress and highlight areas where a slight change in behaviour will give you a more positive outcome. Learn more about what motivates you and what holds you back.

Only £132 including FREE Feedback Session

Once you have your report you will be given an hours FREE feedback session from our top executive coach Pat Hutchinson, who will talk you through your report and give you advice on how to be more effective at work. Pat will talk you through the:

Paradox Graph – As human beings we are a complex combination of paradoxical traits. For example we can be both diplomatic and frank demonstrating a behaviour akin to forthright diplomacy. If we are lacking in both diplomacy and frankness then we would have a balanced deficiency in these traits and more likely to be evasive in our communication.

Paradox Graph

Traits & Definitions – What are your behavioural preferences at work, what roles would be ideally suited to you.

Traits & Definitions

Career Options – Given your behavioural preferences at work, what roles would ideally be suited to you?

Your Greatest Strengths – What are your strengths at work and how do you utilise those strengths to be even more successful in the workplace. A role that plays to your strengths will not only result in greater success at work, it will lead to a more motivated happier you.

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