Would you like to be able to clone your best performers?



Sounds reasonable!  Belinda’s doing a great job, let’s see if we can find more Belindas (or Bobs!).  But how?

Yes, of course we can put together a job spec including some experience and qualification requirements and maybe some personal qualities but how do we really know whether applicants will –

  • Fit the culture
  • Get on with their manager
  • Perform as well here as they did in their last role
  • Behave in a manner conducive to success in the organisation

What is it about Belinda or Bob that really makes them successful not only at their roles but also in this particular organisational environment?

Suitability for a role can be equally and sometimes more important to a role than eligibility (experience and qualifications).  Unfortunately, until now, such suitability factors (behavioural preferences not personality) have been difficult to measure.

Enter Harrison Assessments!  Harrison Assessments are based on 30 years of research into what makes people successful in the workplace.  Dr Harrison identified 175 behavioural preferences that can be used to measure the ideal fit for a specific role in a specific organisation.

Option 1 – we can customise a Job Success Formula specifically for your requirements.

Option 2 – if you have 30 people performing the same role, eg customer service, sales, IT support we can benchmark excellence for you quickly and cost effectively using our non-subjective highly accurate on line SmartQuestionnaire™.

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