A culture of defeat from the sports ground to the playground. Why has it all gone wrong?


Unless you have been holed up in a bunker all week-end, you cannot fail to notice that as a nation we are not leading the field in our sporting achievements and our education system is in crisis.

The Rugby World Cup

Stuart Lancaster was brought in 4 years ago to lift England from the abyss or more accurately a world cup quarter-final defeat against France and all eyes have been on him since. His mantra was to ‘Get it right off the field and all else follows’ We can now say with some conviction, that he didn’t get it right either on or off the pitch.

Liverpool Football Club

Brendan Rogers is currently on the lookout for a new job, with Jurgen Klopp set to replace the Liverpool manager, who was sacked on Sunday.

Back in 2013 Rogers said he ‘Wanted brave players here’ and that a player’s character was a crucial factor alongside their skill on the pitch when it came to signing them. It was important that they fitted in and worked together. He also used statistical analysis to determine the ongoing strategy for the team.

So what went wrong?

New managers like CEO’s can bring in new cultures, and getting the team and staff to live by those values and recruit against them is important. Values are very powerful in attracting and retaining talented people. It is not just the players on the pitch that need to be aligned it’s the executive board, coaches, physios, and medics. If everyone knows what you are working towards you are more likely to get there.

Sir Alex Ferguson, hailed as one of the greatest football managers of all time attributes his success to “maintaining the standards we had set as a football club – this applied to all my team building, my team preparation, motivational talks and tactical talks. I had to lift players’ expectations.” Sir Alex had a defined set of values.

You can define your values in a way that can be measured and developed .You can also use the same measurements for your recruitment process ensuring that with a predictability as high as 95%, that any new employees will both thrive in your culture and strengthen it.

So if you want to recruit brave players in your organisation Quadrant1 can help you find them, inspire them and keep them.

Teaching in Crisis

More than 50% of teachers in England ‘plan to quit in the next two years’

The survey, conducted by the National Union of Teachers, found 61% of those wanting to leave blamed workload and 57% desired a better work/life balance. The main teaching unions have highlighted that teaching is in crisis when it comes to recruitment and retention.

So how do you recruit in a market with the potential for low retention? How do you filter through all those CV’s to find the pearl in the oyster? Where do you find the right teacher that is both eligible and suitable for the role? Once you have them how do you make sure that you hold on to them and continue to support them?

Quadrant1 has the tools and knowledge to answer all of those questions and help you to get the most from your existing staff as well as your potential employees, in all business sectors.

Harrison Assessments’ approach to recruitment assessment uses SmartQuestionnaire™ technology with an in-built consistency check to ensure only the best fitting candidates are selected for short-listing. You will find those pearls.

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