12 principles of effective training


As a trainer of, amongst other things, presentation skills I came across my notes from when I first attended NLP Trainer Training with Realisation at Stenhouse back in the day and found these principles which are oh so relevant still today ……

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  1. The flipchart/Powerpoint is NOT the training (John Rogers)
  2. There are no difficult groups only inflexible trainers
  3. Excellent training comes from CAUSE not Effect
  4. Feedback feeds learning
  5. Every response is a training opportunity
  6. You reap what you Say – If you always do what you’ve always done …. the delegates will fall asleep!
  7. Trainers with high Flexibility will reach parts that other trainers don’t even know about
  8. Learning to trust your own resources is the most powerful learning of all
  9. The trainers choice: whether you believe something is possible or not you are right
  10. Inside every delegate there is a real person
  11. The key to training is NOT in your head
  12. Everybody has something to learn. Everybody has something to teach

Unconsciously I have stuck with these principles during the 20+ years I have been training leaders and managers – they have served me well – thanks Realisation at Stenhouse!

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