10 reasons why you need NLP in your business!


People who learn NLP have a deep insight into the way people communicate, learn and approach change. Such insights result in –

  • Engaged teams working to their full potential – if your organisation is thinking about measuring engagement it’s probably because people are not engaged so why not invest in creating an engaged workforce? NLP gives you all you need to understand and effect engagement. Combined with an objective Harrison Assessment Engagement & Retention Report for your team/ organisation you can design a highly accurate Reward scheme for a fraction of the cost that traditional subjective engagement surveys cost.
  • Fast, effective, energetic meetings resulting in positive action – a high street retail chain told us recently that they estimated in one head office department alone they wasted over £1 million per year in meetings! NLP will help you stay on track, whilst hearing all points of view and take positive action afterwards
  • Powerful presentations designed to engage any audience and motivate them to act – too many high level meetings still rely on overloaded PowerPoint presentations to deliver information which fails to engage and motivate. Death by PowerPoint still rules! Presentations designed around an understanding and implementation of NLP will generate understanding, engagement and action. The purpose of a presentation is to affect people enough to take action. NLP will help you do this.
  • First-class leadership skills born out of a unique, in-depth understanding of human nature and potential, and mixed with a powerful concoction of coaching tools and techniques way beyond the level of conversational coaching. NLP is an advanced leadership and coaching model.
  • A real understanding of what effective communication is all about – copying bullet pointed PowerPoint slides along a chain of communication may get you off the hook but it won’t engage the people you want to act upon them. NLP will help you to cascade the skills required to communicate effectively.
  • Sales teams with real insights into their prospects buying patterns – it’s easy to sell when the going is good. NLP gives sales people the edge when the going gets tough and the flexibility to change behaviour when their approach isn’t working.
  • Human Resources and training teams who really understand the implications and benefits of real personal development – people who recognise the individual needs of employees and truly understand the phrase ‘releasing potential’. NLP helps you transfer skills and attitudes you possess in one context across a whole range of contexts.
  • Finance teams who learn to tell the story their figures represent rather than overloading people with the figures themselves. Bringing figures to life to enable people to understand and act is a real skill. NLP will help you develop this skill.
  • Marketing teams who understand the buying patterns of their target market and design campaigns accordingly. NLP will help you develop the skills to massively impact your market.
  • Highly effective managers with people skills second to none. As with leadership skills, NLP will help your managers coach, motivate and engage their teams in a way that will make it exciting to come into work. Cut down on absenteeism, increase productivity and enjoy work!

The Application of NLP in Business White Paper

This White Paper provides an insight into the tools and techniques and their application within business, including communication, persuading and influencing, sales, presentations, decision making, managing people and time management.

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