Executive Team Alignment

Top Team Tune Up

Align your team and speed up the time it takes to execute your strategy

Team Paradox GraphEmployees look to their executive teams for direction and for examples of behaviour. The way the team conducts business with each other, and how they relate to others tends to be modelled by employees.

This is how a culture is created and why the team at the helm of your organisation needs to be totally aligned behind the strategy.

A misaligned team can unknowingly create a culture that makes it very difficult for people to perform and difficult for the business to compete in the marketplace.

A Top Team Tune-Up provides a measure of how well the team is aligned and how effectively they work together. If you leave the relationship dynamics of your executive teams to chance, people are likely to experience poor decision-making, personality conflicts, strong differences of opinion and misunderstandings.

An executive team alignment, using the team Paradox Graph and facilitated by a specialist in NLP will focus on creating a more dynamic, openly collaborative team who are true role models for others. It will give them an opportunity to ensure they are fully aligned to purpose, strategy and values.