Talent Pool Management

Engage and retain your employees with an internal career planning system, whilst providing HR with a fully qualified talent pipeline for succession planning.

Imagine a company shop window where you can put on show all the roles you need to fill now and in the future. These might include jobs that you continually hire for and those where you need to identify potential successors to key roles. Now imagine an employee portal where these jobs can be viewed and where they can evaluate their own eligibility and suitability for roles they are attracted to.

From the HR perspective you have full control over the shop window, updating as necessary. Employees take ownership of their career path, indicating interest in jobs and receiving accurate reports on development needs for specific jobs.  HR is able to clearly see who is interested in which role. This solves the problem of talent hoarding by giving visibility across the entire organisation, no matter how large or how global.

Post both jobs and careers in one system

  • Job success formulas accurately describe both suitability and eligibility factors required plus location details. Any external candidates that apply will also be recorded in the recruitment part of the system growing the pool of available talent for each new recruitment campaign. Everything begins with a job, and jobs lead to careers, so it makes perfect sense to have both jobs and careers in the same place, giving access to internal candidates and capturing key eligibility and suitability data of all high-potential external candidates.

Perfect for succession planning

  • Identifying and developing potential successors to key roles is crucial today  in the market where good talent is more likely to move on.
  • The drive for meaningful careers is requiring organisations to rethink the meaning of employment. It is no longer enough to offer a job and select people for promotion in the conventional way. organisations leading the trend are looking for ways to balance career expectations with succession planning to create a dynamic talent pool.
  • The career planning system ranks each internal job according to an employee’s likely level of engagement and behavioural competencies, giving HR an up-to-date talent pipeline.