Product Information Sheets

Harrison Assessments’ product information sheets are designed to provide specific information about the features, advantages and benefits of our solutions and technologies. Download and print our product information sheets to take to your next meeting.

•  Harrison Assessments Overview Information Sheet – select the best, develop the best, retain the best (PDF)

•  Talent Management Overview Information Sheet – solutions for the entire talent life cycle. (PDF)

•  Leadership Competencies Information Sheet – Essential leadership competencies for an organisation to succeed (PDF)

•  Talent Acquisition Information Sheet – Empowers companies to hire better people faster and less expensively (PDF)

•  Talent Development Information Sheet – Empowers companies to build a competitive edge through talent development. (PDF)

•  Employee Engagement Information Sheet – Enables companies to reach their potential for enhanced engagement with   employees. (PDF)

•  Succession Planning Information Sheet – Helps companies manage their talent pool with integrated career and succession planning. (PDF)

•  Team Development Information Sheet – Build and maintain effective teams to enhance your competitive edge. (PDF)

•  SmartQuestionnaire Information Sheet – Solves the five greatest challenges of employment assessments. (PDF)

•  ParadoxTechnology™Information Sheet – produces the most accurate, complete and reliable picture of a person (PDF)

•  Enjoyment-Performance Information Sheet – considers three key issues related to work satisfaction and retention. (PDF)

•  Job Success Formulas Information Sheet – 6500+ proven, pre-configured Formulas that make it easy & effective to assess all the success factors. (PDF)

•  Performance Benchmarking Information Sheet – better selection and targeted development that leads to higher performance (PDF)

•  Quantitative Critical Thinking (QCT) Information Sheet – Job specific questionnaire that quickly identifies the candidate’s level of ability and focuses the testing on that level.