Harrison Assessments Accreditation for Partners and Customers

Would you like to be able to offer your clients an exceptional talent solution?

Harrison Assessments talent management solutions align people’s qualifications, wants, needs, passions and goals to the requirements of the organisation and specific jobs. This innovative approach exceeds general personality testing and other methods because it measures 175 factors, resulting in analysis and reports that target; recruitment, individual development, succession planning and engagement and retention.

Harrison Assessments is an automated web-based tool. Its unique selling point is the access to an objective assessment of job-centric behavioural traits, competencies and preferences: ‘BEHAVIOURAL DNA’.

A one-stop solution for consultants and customers

A one-stop solution for consultants working to solve clients’ talent management challenges, it is the perfect tool if you are working with clients across any of the 4-pillars of Talent Management.

Customers can embed the Harrison Assessments solution into their internal talent strategies to support achieving the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Whether a consultant or customer, as a Harrison Partner you can add business value in the following ways:

  • Acquisition
    • Hire the ‘right talent’ by utilising the 6,500+ Harrison JSF library and  implement the ‘3 click-process’ for rapid and successful recruitment
    • Unique ‘screen-in’ rather than ‘screen-out’ feature ensures suitability is considered as highly as eligibility – which means no longer missing out on those candidates who may fall short of their ‘number of years’ experience’ criteria but excel in other behavioural criteria
  • Development
    • If you are involved in employee development – in the form of coach, consultant, trainer or facilitator and would like access to Harrison development solutions and reports
    • Meet the challenge to increase performance and meet talent’s expectations through a broad range of applications that target development needs for specific jobs,  and match people to the right roles
  • Engagement and Retention
    • Engage and retain top talent and bridge the gap between employees expectations and business objectives
    • Provides objective data on the 8 sets of employee expectations  – Development, Remuneration, Authority, Social, Appreciation, Communication, Personal and Work Life Balance. Analysing each individual employee’s real engagement factors ensures managers and the wider organisation provide an environment that retains the best talent.
  • Succession Planning
    • Identify and harness existing talent in their organisation within an integrated talent readiness system
    • Harrison Assessments provides HR with a fully qualified talent pipeline for succession planning


Harrison Assessments Accreditation Training Overview:

In-depth online training leading to certification and comprehensive ongoing support once accredited.

All training takes place via online videos, culminating in a competency demonstration.


Module 1 – Fundamentals; Learners will receive:

  • An introduction to Harrison Assessments
  • An understanding of Enjoyment Performance Theory, the consistency and scoring features of the system and the debrief structure
  • An understanding of Paradox Executive Coaching methodology; using the balancing of opposite traits to pinpoint areas of strength and development
  • The opportunity to get to grips with the main suite of reports including Traits and Definitions, Paradox, Suitability and Job Success Analysis

Module 2 – Expert; Learners will:

  • Receive more in-depth coverage of the Harrison reports
  • Know how to recognise behavioural patterns across the reports
  • Have further opportunity to hone interpretation and feedback skills

Please note that you will need to complete both Module 1 and Module 2 to gain accreditation. 

Independent consultants who become partners will have your own branded and fully functional Harrison System for use with your clients plus the option for your own branded Partner reseller website.

Customers embedding Harrison into their organisation benefit from the accreditation training for key stakeholders to become self-sufficient in using the features and solutions within your own Customer branded Harrison system.

Cost of training, £1565 plus VAT – includes full support from Quadrant 1 International. 

There is an additional optional third module available for consultants and partners who wish to develop further expertise in using Harrison for recruitment.

Download the Accreditation brochure >>here<<

If you would like to know more about the training, or if you are working for an organisation and would like to learn how Harrison Assessments can help your business please click here, call 07768 922244 or complete the form below and one of our team will contact you.