HATS Accreditation

Harrsion Assessments

HATS Accreditation Training designed specifically for consultants

Harrison Assessment is the complete talent management system for hiring, developing and retaining the best talent. Internationally renowned, with over 2.2 million users, it is recognised for its accuracy, cost efficiency, reliability and leading edge technology.

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) is ideally positioned to solve the major challenges faced by organisations striving to acquire, develop and retain the right talent. Never before has this technology been in such demand as the need to compete relies so much on the people equation.

The overall aim of this training is to provide customers and consultants with an understanding of –

  • key concepts upon which HATS is based
  • the various HATS applications that solve specific HR related challenges
  • the system structure and how to operate the various functions within

Course Structure includes:

  • A one to one session to get you started including introductory system training and set-up (date to be agreed).
  • Group training on system applications and options – see upcoming events for dates.

The course will cover the following topics:

Core Concepts and Features including human traits, job and behavioural competencies and how these are referenced within the system.

System and Administration for user setup and the ‘SmartQuestionnaire™’.

Selection and Recruitment for creating and running recruitment campaigns and reports.

Development & Careers to explore how the system supports leadership development, group screening and team and career reports.

Succession Planning reports to develop the best talent for key roles.

Culture including ‘Baselining’ to measure and assess for culture fit and ‘Benchmarking’ to discover common traits of successful employees.

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive HATS manual describing all traits and reports
  • A basic accreditation certificate in Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions

For further details including dates and prices call 0800 689 3761 or contact us via the form below.