Engagement and Retention Webinar

Employee Engagement and Retention
With Harrison Assessments Talent Management Solution, the most complete package for hiring, engaging, developing and retaining the best talent.

Would you like to …

  • Reliably and accurately measure employee engagement and retention?
  • Match employees to specific roles to heighten engagement and motivation?
  • Increase staff performance?
  • Boost your organisations profitability?

If so, request a personal Engagement and Retention Webinar with the leading distributor of Harrison Assessments in the UK.

Run by a highly experienced executive coach and expert of the application of HATS within the workplace, Pat Hutchinson will explore why Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions offers a new and fresh way to gather reliable data to enable you to assess the core of employee expectations in key areas including development, remuneration, authority, social, appreciation, communication, personal and work life balance. Discover how to truly engage and retain your staff.

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