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Become A Harrison Consultant

We are looking to expand our team of Harrison Talent Solutions Consultants in the UK – Successful Harrison consultants are typically established Training and Development professionals and/or HR professionals or Recruitment specialists who have already built a reasonable customer base. You will be interested in offering your clients a talent solution which goes beyond traditional psychometric assessments, looking into what makes people not only successful in the workplace, but in specific organisations and specific roles. You will also want to be able to offer your clients the analytics to make objective decisions in relation to recruitment,  development and succession planning.

Benefits of becoming a Harrison Talent Solutions Consultant

Engage clients according to their needs with a full range of talent solutions selected from the following:

✓ Offer your clients the opportunity to focus on talent solutions for individuals, teams and organisations based on real data derieved from over 30 years of research into what makes people successful in the workplace. 

✓ Build trust with clients thanks to systematic, clear, reliable methods.

✓ Keep up with the latest trends in talent management at regional conferences and continuously upgrade your skills.

✓ Stay on the cutting edge of talent management with job focused assessments applied to the complete talent lifecycle.


Become A Harrison Consultant for just £675 plus VAT

(Special COVID-19 Offer – usual price £1,250)

Price includes:

✓ Full access to your own Harrison Talent Solutions System.  

✓ All relevant materials.

 A series of videos to work through at your own pace over a 3-month period, giving you knowledge and confidence in the full range of Harrison solutions. 

✓ Support over the phone or via Skype throughout your training and practice giving feedback in a variety of scenarios using Harrison reports.

✓ Competency demonstration with an Accredited Harrison Talent Solutions Assessor.


Consultants can still supply customers with assessments through Quadrant 1 during their training period.


If you have any questions or would like to enquire into becoming a Harrison Consultant, please contact Pat Hutchinson

[email protected]

07768 922244