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The Art of Influencing Groups

This course offers highly effective presentation skills including NLP tools and techniques which captivate, engage, influence and motivate an audience to give them a truly inspirational experience that prompts action.

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The Art of Influencing Groups

This course offers highly effective presentation skills including NLP tools and techniques which captivate, engage, influence and motivate an audience to give them a truly inspirational experience that prompts action.

It is run by our lead trainers and international authors David Molden and Pat Hutchinson

Is it for me?

If you are looking for skills to engage and connect through the medium of presentation this course is for you. Directors, sales executives, senior managers, project leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs all need to influence groups of people through the art of presenting. Whether your presentations are geared to selling, influencing or motivating, this course will give you advanced skills and techniques to do so elegantly and convincingly.

If you are taking people away from their work to attend your presentation then it is important that there is a return on this investment. Simply passing on information is not enough. Whatever you are presenting, you are influencing your audience. You may be selling a product, promoting an idea or contributing to a team meeting. Whatever the context, you need to know exactly how you want to affect people, and what you want them to do after your presentation. How are you going to package it for maximum impact?

What will I learn?

Delegates work on real presentations, in a small group of 6 people. You will have high quality support and input from the trainer all the way through the program. Specifically you will learn how to:

  • Give an engaging presentation
  • Use a range of powerful language patterns to keep your audience fully engaged and motivated to want more
  • Create a new presentation from scratch quickly, without relying on PowerPoint
  • Build visual and auditory elements into your delivery to create an inventive and affective message
  • Use stories and metaphors to captivate and explain complicated concepts and ideas
  • Adapt your voice tone, speed and projection for maximum impact
  • Lead your audience using professional stage anchoring techniques
  • Communicate to people what you want them to do using compelling persuasion techniques and powerful suggestion
  • Deal with all types of question professionally
  • Use a range of methods for getting your audience to interact
  • Avoid ‘death by powerpoint’ – the success of your presentation depends on your ability to engage your audience, not on the quality of your powerpoint slides
  • Be confident presenting to any audience even without visual aids or prompts
  • Deliver your key messages credibly and with authority to get the results you want.

Learning is at its best when it is real for the learner. You will therefore be asked to bring a 5 minute segment of a presentation which you have already delivered or are about to deliver. This will be used as the foundation for your learning throughout the programme. By the end of the 2 days, you will be an effective presenter.

Why Quadrant 1?

  • You will receive personal facilitation and coaching as all our courses have a high trainer to delegate ratio
  • We focus on you and your potential
  • Our trainers are highly skilled experts in personal development
  • It’s your results that count – we have an impressive track record of getting exceptional results for our clients
  • Our courses are accredited through the Association for Coaching, ANLP and offer CPD points.
  • Quadrant 1 has experience of working with people from all sectors, at all levels and niche expertise in the field of business NLP.
  • We achieve results demonstrated by increased motivation, confidence and skills – follow through to business impact is highly noticeable and quantifiable.

£850 plus VAT. To reserve your place call 0870 762 1300 or complete the booking form below.

Testimonials for Real Presentations

Dr. Richard J. Woolford, Senior Effectiveness Officer , Liverpool City Council

This course has definitely had a positive impact on my own presentation skills. Feedback has been extremely positive and the transfer value from presentation to training has also been highly valued. At a recent training session, I received 100% “Outstanding” evaluations from Newly Qualified Teachers, the first time this has ever happened in the Local Authority for anyone.

Martin Jones, CEO, North West Wales NHS Trust

For anyone wishing to move beyond Powerpoint, to explore the power of storytelling and to get to the heart of constructing powerful messages, I would highly recommend the Real Presentations programme. Two of the best days I have invested in personal development for some time.

Jason Parkhouse, Head of Service Management, Wincanton

This course has been instrumental in making me think differently about a number of situations in business and life in general and can be described as life changing. The change in my presenting style has been dramatic and if someone would have said that I would now be presenting without the aid of laptops and software products I would not have believed them, but that’s what’s happening.

I would recommend this course to anyone who needs help with presenting, but also stress that the techniques and help given during the course add so much more to the personal toolkit than just presentation skills.

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